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Perceive the entire Torah at a glance


Chromatic Art of the Torah


Based on his fascinating discoveries Simon Prais presents every word of the Torah in its prescribed colour, expressing even the subtlest of tonal variations.

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Gematriart is an inspiring new art genre and an innovative approach to Torah communication – the fusion of Torah and colour science. My project to translate every word of the Torah into the universal language of colour resulted in the creation of an intriguing range of artworks inspired by a succession of fascinating coincidences.


The work is based on the correlation of lowest to highest gematria word values in the Torah text 3–1500, to the colour wave frequency range of the visible spectrum 468–798 THz.  My linear mapping results in the word values of the biblical Hebrew words for the primary colours red, yellow, green and blue, all falling in their respective colour hue regions of the visible spectrum.

For the Gematriart story, presented through a selection of forty works of Gematriart, accompanied by explanatory notes, enjoy my book, On the Sixth Day God Created Colour.


Gematriart Tower of Babel.gif
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On the Sixth Day God Created Colour - Cover Shot
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About the Artist

SIMON PRAIS is Technical Director of LUMESCA Group Ltd, through which he has a diverse experience in colour communication and graphics manipulation solutions for creatives and industry.


He has an art college training which has evolved influenced by his professional career.  As a council member of Birmingham Central United Synagogue, he was responsible for the 2013 complete redesign of its internal furnishings, and artwork.


The Artist
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