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Why was colour created on the sixth day

Colour does not physically exist, it is an experience that requires three components; a light source, a subject and a human observer. 

DAY ONE, Let there be light – a light source

DAY THREE, Let the earth bring fourth grass – a subject

DAY SIX, God created mankind – a human observer

Of particular relevance to colour science; the reference to grass when created on day three is simply grass – there was no human observer to experience its colour. Grass is subsequently called “green grass” on day six – immediately following the creation of humankind.

THE IMAGE is presented in the form of a single complete revolution of a spiral. Indicating that it is representative of a complete day (day six of the creation), but that it is also part of an event, with days preceding it and the seventh day to follow. The outer spiral of the image represents the text of day six in Gematriart colour. The initial words of the inner spiral, before the creation of cattle, is presented in monochrome indicative of how some species experience colour. The next section, the creation of cattle, before the creation of humankind, is represented as would be experienced by cattle (this being comparable to the colour vision of a colour-blind person). Then from the creation of humankind, the full Gematriart colour spectrum. 

Simon Prais
Other works

1983 “After Eat”– Grace After Meals, booklet (bencher), cover design.

1984 “Design considerations affecting the simultaneous use of Latin and Hebrew typography”.

1985 Cover design for the Jewish Chronicle New Year Issue.


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