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Seven Days of Creation

Seven Days of Creation

This work is inspired by the colour sequence of the first and last four words of the Torah text describing the seven days of Creation. 

The blue, yellow, red and green flash of energy zaps across the image, through time. Entering from right to left – spinning through seven steps, the days of creation (each word for word in their Gematriart colour palette) – then continuing on its journey to the distant left. 

Viewers can be forgiven for assuming that the choice of blue, yellow, red and green, zapping through the image, is artistic license, rather than the colour representation of the first and last four words of the Creation text. However, these are the exact Gematriart resultant colours for those words. 

Remarkably, the first and last four words of the Creation text when represented through Gematriart result in the four primary colours, the colour building blocks on which the Gematriart Torah is based.

This also draws a parallel with the Kabbalistic teachings of the ancient ‘Sefer Yetzirah’ (Book of Creation), that the Hebrew alphabet – the building blocks of the Torah – are alluded to being created in the first four words of the Torah.`


Click here for details on my book, ‘On the Sixth Day God Created Colour’, and also a selection of my Works of Gematriart.

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