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Become a Gematriart Patron

Two ways to contribute towards the future of Gematriart:


A sponsorship of US$ 1,600 / GBP £1,300* per year for a minimum of three years is rewarded with receiving four Gematriart limited edition prints per year. Also benefit from purchasing any additional prints (not duplicates) at a 30% discount.

Current cost of individual limited edition prints is US$ 600 / GBP £480.

Equivalent Patron rate per print is US$ 420 / GBP £340.

*Patron annual rate will not increase regardless of if the cost of individual editions (or the rate for new Patrons) increases over the three year period. Membership may be cancelled after the third year, but your continued support will be much appreciated. Duplicate prints are not available in the annual entitlement, or at the preferential rate. 


Commission a new ‘Work of Gematriart’ for a communal building (from $14,000 / GB £11,000). Includes the supply of sufficient Limited Edition prints based on the work, for the institution to sell to cover the initial investment.**

**Rate and number of inclusive prints is dependent on the scope of the project. 

Simon Prais


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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