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Don’t cook a kid goat in its mothers milk 


Don’t cook a kid goat in its mothers milk Fruit and Herbs for Food

Meat and Dairy

The laws ​of not cooking meat and dairy foods together

Don’t cook a kid goat in its mother’s milk

EXODUS 23:19

Colour coding in the kosher kitchen to separate meat and milk (dairy) is most commonly red for meat and blue for milk. The Torah text, from which the law of not mixing meat and milk is derived, comprises five Hebrew words. The Gematriart palette of these words is, fortuitously, tones of red and a single blue.


The design of these two tea towels alludes to more than just being a predominantly red (meat) and blue (milk) representation of the Torah text. By adjusting the colour balance of its Gematriart colour palette, the amount of the secondary colour in each design is specifically limited to one-sixtieth of the overall colour balance. The significance of this is that a mixture of less than one sixtieth of milk in a meat food, or vice versa, is permissible. Furthermore, the two tea towels have contrasting design approaches; the predominantly red image is a controlled construction of red with blue added, whereas the blue image presents a more random splash of the secondary colour. This highlights the distinction between it being unacceptable to purposefully add up to one sixtieth, but permissible if the addition was accidental.

This imagery forms a triptych when hung alongside the  image representing the day six of creation texts relating to humankind being given fruit bearing trees and green herbs for food. 

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