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Law of Averages II

Law of Averages II

The Fifth Book of the Torah, “Devarim” in Hebrew, meaning the WORDS, is a summary of the first four books of the Torah. 


Experimenting with approaches of working with colour to represent the Gematriart Torah, it became apparent that the average colour achieved by mixing the colour of every word in the first four books, results in the same colour as the name of the Fifth Book. Not only does the name of the Fifth Book, mean THE WORDS [of the first four books] but its colour is a summary (average) of the first four books. 

The five horizontal bands of colour represent each the book names (in sequence, top to bottom). The first words of each book are depicted down the centre of the image in their respective colours, each growing out to form the olive-green colour of the average colour mix.

The blues, through green to ochre spectral colour sequence, dictated by the Grematriart colours of the Five Books, lends itself perfectly to the horizontal composition. The image echoes the colour sequence of landscape artists. Cool to warm colours; blue sky in the distance, green foliage of mid-ground and ochre foreground. A landscape image – quite appropriate for a summary of the Torah – the creation of land, the flooding of land, the journey through lands, to the Land of Israel. 

Click here for details on my book, ‘On the Sixth Day God Created Colour’, and also a selection of my Works of Gematriart.

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