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In the Beginning

The foundation of the Gematriart Torah is the correlation of the gematria (numeric word value), for Biblical Hebrew names for the primary colours red, yellow, green and blue to the corresponding spectral colour wave-frequency of each colour. 

These colours encompass the colour science primaries of red, green, blue, and also the colour psychology opponent colour-pairs; red-green and yellow-blue. To experience colour requires both the science and the psychology.

It is suggested that the inclusion of the otherwise superfluous Hebrew word “ET” at the start of creation, which comprises of the Hebrew letters Alef and Tet, the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, alludes to the alphabet being created first.

As evident in this image, the flash of primary colours, representing the initial release of primeval light, these  are fortuitously the colours of the first four words of Creation, the  foundation of the Gematriart Torah and comparable to the alphabet reference of the written Torah. Furthermore, the last four words of Creation – the end of day seven, the sabbath are likewise a sequence of the four primary colours. 

This suggests the view according to Gematriart on the question of was the seventh day part of Creation, or was creation completed at the end of day six? The end of day seven completes the the cycle as it started, with the four Gematriart foundation colours of the Torah. 

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