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Fruit and Herbs for Food


Don’t cook a kid goat in its mothers milk Fruit and Herbs for Food

Fruit and Herbs for Food

Creation Day Six:

Fruit yielding trees [for food]



All green grass for food



The colour palettes for these two references form the inspiration for this image. The reference to “fruit yielding trees” provides an ideal citrus palette (orange and lime), presented as hanging fruit. The reference to “All green grass for food” is two shades of green accompanied fortuitously by two earth-red tones, presented as grass from the ground.

This is the first reference to colour in the Torah – ירק עשב ‘yerek esev’ – green grass for food ‘Bereshit’ (Genesis) 1:30.


To experience colour one requires three components: an object (grass – day three), a light source (the sun and the moon – day four), and an observer (humankind – day six). It was not until the creation of man on day six that colour (as we experience it) existed.


Of note, aligned with science, the first reference to grass is when it was created on day three, where it is just described in Hebrew as עשב ‘esev’ (grass). But on day six, following the creation of humankind, it is then notably described in Hebrew as ירק עשב ‘yerek esev’ (green grass). The colour of the grass did not exist till there was humankind to perceive it – Day six.


Subsequently – my book on Gematriart is named: On the Sixth Day God Created Colour.

The Fruit and Herbs for Food image forms part of a triptych when hung alongside the pair of images representing the laws of separating meat and dairy produce. 

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